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Watch Of all the things online, an upcoming romantic-comedy movie of Viva Films and a come back tandem of Regine Velasquez and Aga Muhlach! This is deirected by Joyce Bernal.

From the movie, “Of All The Things“, Aga Muhlach plays as Umboy, a notary public attorney who is being paid through notarizing important documents, while Regine Velasquez who plays as Berns, is a professional documents fixer. Berns asks help to Umboy every time she needs someone to legalized the papers of her clients. This “legalization” process of documents always becomes the reason of their fights.

But the hatred and fights between them become also the reason for them to be in love with each other. They even being closer because of different principles in life. How would you think they manage their lives together, being on the good and organize side as Umboy wants things to be or on the bad side and doing the easiest way to earn a living as how Berns want things to be? Do you think they can manage to be together in terms of their principles of life? Or the HAPPINESS and LOVE will stand for them to be together?

Watch Of All the Things Full Movie Trailer Now!

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